Security Solution Service

We service both new and existing access control systems. No matter what make or model your equipment is, we can maintain the equipment and implement an annual service for the system. We can provide the best advice in terms of your current system or new system. We also repair faulty systems.
We can also advise on the effectiveness of your access control system. Far too often the same access control system is used throughout a building, whereas there are high-risk areas of a building, which should be viewed and dealt with differently to the low-risk areas of the building.
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Access Control
  • A wide range of access control products can be installed such as one or two door stand-alone systems to innovative systems that can manage access to hundreds of doors at any time.
  • No matter what your specific requirements are, we can custom our systems to suit your needs. Examples are individual authorisation levels and access period times.
  • Everything can be linked together to create a fully integrated CCTC, alarm system and management tools.
  • Any security breaches will be reported to your security workers at our remote monitoring centre. This will aid in ensuring all protocols are followed and rectified correctly.
  • You will be provided with full reports of your systems activity such as unauthorized personnel and building entrance breaches.
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