Physical Security Products
air tube capsule systems
We provide top quality air tube capsule systems for commercial needs.

  • Pneumatic transfer systems with a multi-station air tube capsule
  • Transfer highly value goods safely such as jewellery cash and important documents
  • Items are fast delivered to safes and highly secure rooms
  • If you would like info on what security features are best for your business, then get in touch with us today
  • Deposited capsules are fully secured in a lock safe and fitted with time delay function as standard
  • You get peace of mind knowing staff members cannot be attacked, robbed or injured while carrying large amounts of cash and valuable items.
  •  are designed to increase profitability
  • Eliminate managers and staffs’ involvement of your businesses cash
  • Greatly reduce the risk of till snatches and lower the amount available to thieves
  • During cash collection, point of sale can still be open
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