Security Solution Service

You can contact us anytime for a quote on your security monitoring needs which our PSA licensed partners will provide to the highest standard:

  • 24-hour monitoring is standard, being ready to respond to any intrusion
  • If an incident occurs, due to your alarms being monitored around the clock we will apply the appropriate action to resolve it.
  • We provide a direct link between the police and other emergency services in the event of an incident occurring
  • This can be used as a filter for false alarms which can often cause you to lose police response time due to them being called out to many times
  • We are able to monitor CCTV and access systems in addition to your alarms to see who gains access to your buildings
  • We provide remote CCTV Patrols
  • We can give you remote setting and unsetting of security systems
  • Capital ISS Can implement remote access control and dual control to cater for your needs
  • we have the ability to track your Assets using the latest GPS systems
  • Our Monitoring centres are approved ARC’s as specified by European Standards
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