Automated Cash Handling
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Automated Cash Handling
  • Ideal for storing high-value notes
  • Cash Payments machines are fully self-service
  • Cash machines are operated by staff but also feature inward automated payments and provide you with change out
  • Holding cash is effectively protected with ink dye cassettes
  • Cash is automatically verified and counted for cash being lodged or received
  • Our innovative cash in transit deposits are fully automatic
  • Automated staff floats delivered on request
  • Contact our experts today for free advice on our automated cash handling systems
  • Extra and quicker customer service.
  • More secure cash transactions with less face to face transactions.
  • The machines are consistent and allow you to access your cash.
  • There will be less cost of your cash you take out.
  • Complete improvements in security.
  • Economical and easier than a hired employee.
  • Complete with your own service when using the cash machines.
  • Very little setbacks with these systems.
  • Prevents unauthorised access.
  • Improves cash and stock amounts.
  • There will be fewer errors.
  • Increases transaction speed.
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