Physical Security Products
We provide a complete range of transfer units. These transfer units are designed for the safe transfer of cash or other valuable goods to be exchanged from one point to another. The units available can manage both external and internal transfers. External transfer units allow for the safe exchange of cash or valuables from outside to inside the building, such as a cash-in-transit hatch to pass cash from a CIT van to the premises, without CIT personnel having to enter the building. Other external units allow for the safe exchange of cash and goods at 24hr. shops and service stations. Internal transfer units create a safe passage between the public areas and the cash or secure goods area of a business.

Whatever your requirements, contact us for free no obligation advice.

  • Cash in transit transfer units
  • Cash office transfer units
  • Security screen integrated cash transfer units
  • 24-hour convenience store cash transfer units
  • Large package transfer units
  • Please contact us to discuss your cash transfer requirements
  • Can be installed within a building, available for external and internal transfers
  • Robust ballistic rated materials used
  • They can be integrated with other forms of security systems such as CCTV and alarms
  • Used by banks, financial industries and many other sectors
  • Seamless transfer of assets and cash with ease
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