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For quotations and information on our innovative CCTV Services please contact us. Fully PSA licensed partners.

  • Here at Capital ISS we use the latest digital technology to provide excellent images in all conditions which allows you to clearly view all angles of your premises
  • Images are recorded on high spec digital video recorders or networked video recorders which provides top quality pictures making it easier to identify any incidents that have taken place.
  • Use of IP Cameras for greater flexibility and reduced costs
  • CCTV may be monitored by your security staff and / or by a remote monitoring centre
  • If required You can also monitor the CCTV system on your smartphone this allows you to have full access to all your cameras when your away and can reduce the number of false alarms.
  • CCTV allows you to identify the presence of intruders on your premises/site. This can help in identifying actual alarms by preventing or lowering the number of false alarms your premises receive which in turn can speed up the police response in the event of an actual intruder.
  • With our innovative voice over systems, you can easily deter potential intruders away from your property. This could be beneficial for prevent damage to your property or any type of theft. This is an essential first line of defense that is very effective.
  • There are a variety of camera choices available such as proof dome units and or the option of using conventional camera housings.











Why choose our CCTV Monitoring Services?

Our CCTV monitoring services, provide a very effective additional solution to CCTV security systems. CCTV on its own is very important to the security of any organisation, but it is far more effective when the CCTV footage is monitored live by our monitoring services. Our security monitoring staff can have a live speaker link to the security camera system to warn any potential thief to leave the premises immediately and advising them that the police are on the way.
Alternatively, the monitoring centre can simply inform the police or security company of what is happening in real-time, before they enter the premises to deal with any security incident. So CCTV is very effective in dealing with matters after a security event,
but CCTV monitoring deals with security events live as they happen and in the majority of cases can prevent a crime from actually taking place. The monitoring staff can implement live coverage of your CCTV system at the times that you dictate, so this could
be implemented at night, at weekends or 24/7, whatever the clients requirements are.
CCTV monitoring services can also be used as a remote facility to manage access control for people entering and exiting your premises. Additional services can be provided to clients once remote CCTV monitoring is put in place. Contact us for further details.


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