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CCTV systems

We supply and install a complete range of CCTV systems. No matter how large or how small your business, we will have a system to suit your needs. Whether it is to install a new system, add to an existing system or take over and improve an existing system, we can provide all of the expertise required.

We supply and install the most up to date technology. We can supply systems that operate as effectively in darkness at night as they do in daylight.


CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent to potential criminals, as well as providing a valuable resource in detecting crime. Our systems can be installed in both wired and wireless versions. Our systems can be deployed both inside and outside the building, depending on the clients’ requirements. CCTV images can be relayed back to a central monitoring station if required. This allows the monitoring station to inform the police of a real-time event. With so many false alarms, the police are much more likely to react more quickly with this source of verification.


We can also integrate the CCTV system with an audio system. In the event of an attempted intrusion, the central monitoring station can issue a warning over the audio system stating that the intruder is being monitored and the police are on the way.


We can supply and install CCTV systems that are a visual deterrent and we can also supply and install covert hidden cameras to deal with specific requirements.


Whatever your requirement, please contact our experts. We will be happy to provide you with expert advice. We can survey and provide a report with a full quotation free of charge and without obligation.

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