complete fire systems
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We provide a complete fire system for your new or existing business. When we analyse the fire regulation requirements of your business or organisation, we look at all elements, such as the fire alarm system, fire extinguishers and hoses, fire suppression system, fire doors and escape hatches etc. By looking after all elements of your fire system, you will have a fully integrated system where all elements of the fire protection work as one to help detect and prevent fire but also help to contain fire in the event of a fire evacuation. We also ensure that fire doors and release systems are up to the required standards.

By dealing with one professional company for all your fire detection and prevention needs, you can be sure of having a robust, fully integrated system in place. Your organisation can also make savings by having one company look after all your fire protection and detection needs.

  • Complete Fire Systems
  • Is full connected to a professional fire monitoring centre
  • Features a signalling and fire alarm system
  • Smoke detection as standard
  • Integrated fire extinguishers
  • Robust hose reels
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Doors released automatically
  • Full range of fire safety equipment
  • Wet and dry risers
  • Fitted emergency lighting
  • EU standard Emergency Lighting
  • Sings for fire safety
  • Evacuation drills and full fire safety training is provided
  • Voice alarm systems that publicly address
  • Devices for people with difficulty hearing and special evacuation chairs


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