Security Solution Service
Entrance Control
  • We will service and repair all entrance control makes and models
  • Maintenance agreements can be made for on going maintenance on all equipment new and old.
  • Integration of security equipment we can help integrate your entire security system by combining your CCTV intruder alarms and access control etc together to create a more effective system. If your premises does not have an integrated system contact us today so we can effectively screen your security system.
  • We consult and advise you on the implementation of existing or new security systems.
  • If you currently have a system in place where by your security equipment is unmonitored your system is weakened. Contact us for the best advice on monitoring your equipment.
  • If your equipment is monitored on landline there is the chance that when connections are cut your system is less effective. We can give you advice on GSM monitoring and back up systems in such an event.
  • All services are provided by our PSA licensed partners
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