Fire Extinguisher by Capital ISS
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We service all makes and models of fire extinguishers. It is very important that fire extinguishers are checked and serviced at regular intervals. Any fire extinguisher which has been activated can be refilled or replaced by us.
We can carry out a check of your building to ensure that you have the correct equipment in place and that the equipment is up to date and functioning correctly. We can ensure that the right number of extinguishers are in place and in the right areas of the building to ensure that you are compliant with all relevant regulations.
No matter what your requirements in terms of fire extinguishers, please contact us for expert advice without obligation.

fire extinguisher
  • Call us for a quotation and advice on all your fire requirements
  • Protect your premises from the threat of fire and all associated costs
  • We can select and install the correct fire extinguishing equipment to meet your requirements
  • Full service and maintance of your fire extinguishers is also provided
  • All extinguishers conform to the latest European Standards
  • Our key holding service can also provide an appropriate response to any incident
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