Internet Security Consultancy
Security Solution Service

IT / Cyber security service

We provide consultancy services for your IT security needs. General IT security and Cyber security experts are here to assist your organisation. We can provide assessments of your IT infrastructure to indicate your level of protection against cyber-attack. We can provide a report and assist in the implementation of measures to help protect your organisation against cyber-attack. Whether you need assistance to ensure you have adequate IT security systems in place or if you need us to provide fulltime resource to help ensure that your business is adequately protected, contact us for advice.


Health and Safety Consultancy

  • Our Staff meet the requirements of the health and safety legislation and are fully qualified.
  • We carry out a review of your health and safety requirements and provide you with a report to address your needs.
  • We can provide you with a plan so that you meet health and safety requirements and if required, can manage it for you.
  • We will regularly carry out audits of your health and safety procedures to ensure they continue to meet requirements and standards.
  • We can ensure that your staff are fully trained to follow procedures.
  • We can cater for companies of all sizes.
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