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keyholding service

We provide a keyholding service for commercial and domestic clients. The provision of a keyholding service means that in the event of an alarm activation at your premises, you do not need to respond. We have trained security professionals who will respond on your behalf. This ensures that you are not put under any threat of attack by responding and also means that you are not disturbed at unsociable hours. In the event of a false alarm, our trained staff will check the premises and reset the alarm. In the event of an actual break-in, we will contact the client and follow the instructions as set out by the client.
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Keyholding Service

  • This alarm response system eliminates the requirement of your staff to respond during sociable hours, as there can me many dangers involved.
  • In the unlike event of a breach of security on your premises, you will have the peace of mind knowing you will receive an automatic response.
  • Remove any dangers associated with untrained or ill-equipped staff members entering dangerous environments.
  • Staff will not require to keep keys at home as your property will be properly opened and closed securely at an allocated time schedule.
  • If there are any breeches of security, you will always be notified and receive a full activity report related to it.
  • Arranged mobile patrols can be provided periodically to an agreed time schedule
  • Emergency back-up facilitates and a response plan are implemented in the event of any type of incident.
  • Before leaving the premises, an immediate report will be filled in.
  • External and internal checks will be carried out.
  • Holding of your keys for fully manned and secure environment.
  • Any alarms that may of went off in the building will be reset.
  • Any issues will be dealt with quickly and effectively.
  • Our alarm response and keyholding service can be tailored to your individual needs


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