Security Solution Service
mobile patrols
  • We can provide mobile patrol visits to your premises, which is a major deterrent to potential crime
  • Patrol visits can be randomly conducted at clients request and can be upscaled at times of prolonged shutdown, such as weekends and holiday periods
  • Premises patrols can detect events such as flooding and fire before extensive damage is caused
  • We can open and close premises to ensure effective operating hours for companies and to remove the requirement for staff key holding
  • Services provided by our PSA licensed partners
We provide a Nationwide Mobile Patrol Security Service. Our patrol drivers are fully trained and certified. By providing a mobile patrol service, you are implementing a visual deterrent to any potential criminal. Regular patrols will discourage any potential robbery or vandalism at your premises. The patrols are also very useful in detecting any potential fire or flood hazard.

The client can decide the level of work involved in the visit. This can be simply a drive-by with a visual inspection of the building, right up to an open-up of the premises and full inspection to ensure that the premises are fully secured and that there are no floor or fire risks. This is an ideal way of ensuring that your staff has properly secured the building at the end of the day and any gaps should be covered. The client can also decide the frequency of calls, whether this is one call per day or numerous calls by day and by night. We will assist you in ensuring that you have the relevant information to make the right choice.

Please contact our experts for advice and a no obligation quotation.

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