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We supply a wide range of high-security safes for commercial and domestic needs. They range from fireproof safes to insurance rated and deposit safes, we have everything you need for your home or business. There is something to suit everyone’s requirements and budget, our experts can even recommend the best one for your individual needs. Innovative electronic lock options, keypad code access, and other added security features come as stand on our safes. Robust electronic locks for larger amounts of cash storage are also available. For information on underfloor and wall mounted options, please contact us.

Commercial Safes

We supply and install an extensive range of commercial safes. We supply a full range of cash and valuables safes, document fire safes, computer media fire safes, drop safes, wall, underfloor, key, gun safes etc. We supply these commercial safes in various grades from low to medium security, right up to high-security options. We have the safe that you require ensuring that it meets your insurance requirements.
We supply these products in various sizes also, depending on the volume you require. The safes can be supplied with a key lock or electronic lock. We can also upgrade your safe with additional security features such as time-lock, time delay lock, and IP locks.

Domestic Safes

We supply and install if required, an extensive range of domestic safes. The difference with our domestic safes, is that ours can be certified to European certification standards. This not only ensures that you have a top quality safe for your home, but ensures that the specification is recognised by your insurance company. If required, we can deliver and install your safe and bolt the it to a solid wall. We supply these domestic safes in a range of sizes
and security grades and they can be supplied in either key lock or electronic lock. We also supply and install if required a complete range of domestic fire safes for protecting documents and also computer media. These fire safes are also available in different
sizes and fire ratings from 30 mins. to two hrs. They are also available in key or electronic lock options.

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