Security Bundle

We are a single solution provider, in other words, we are a “security one-stop shop”
By having your security and safety managed by one company, you can achieve significant savings in administration and costs.
Not only can you save time and money by one company looking after all your safety and security systems, this also provides you with a much more robust system.
Whether we are installing a new system or taking over an existing system, we ensure that the various elements of your system are integrated, so that your intruder alarm is not functioning on its own, it is integrated with the CCTV system, access control system and monitoring system and so on.
Contact our experts who will advise you on the best possible system bundling/integration for a better system at a better price.

Please contact us for quotation and details of our security bundle, all of which are provided by our PSA licensed partners

• Let us provide all of your security products and services

• By supplying a “one provider service” we can provide a seamless security

• system that gives you a much higher level of security and at the same time saves you money.

• Contact us for details and quotation

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