Benefits of Security Advice from Security Consultants for your Business

All organisations, large or small should have a clear security policy, procedures and training in place, to protect their own staff and also their clients with a little security consultancy & advice. Without the relevant experience, this is difficult for any organisation to achieve. This is where the security experts at Capital ISS come in. Our hugely experienced team will assist your business or organisation in identifying the potential security risks and weaknesses. We then put appropriate measures in place to reduce these risks. You may find that this may even result in achieving reduced insurance premiums. Never become complacent with security, as the type and level of threat are constantly changing. Be proactive and be prepared at all times to meet all emerging threats and challenges.

Identify Security risks and weaknesses

The first step in assisting an organisation with implementing best practice measures is to conduct a risk assessment. The risk assessment will identify the security weaknesses. Once these weaknesses have been identified, they will be highlighted in a security risk assessment report. The report may identify security weaknesses in the following areas:

  • Site and surrounding area
  • Building(s)
  • Electronic security, including Intruder alarm, CCTV, Access control, remote monitoring etc.
  • Procedures, protocols and training

Within the report, measures will be proposed to mitigate the highlighted risks. These measures may involve appropriate upgrades or enhancement of some or all of the following.

  • Perimeter security – Walls, Gates, Bollards etc.
  • Securing the premises with strengthened windows, doors, locks etc.
  • Providing the most up to date technology in electronic security involving all of the areas within the intruder alarm system, CCTV, Access control and remote monitoring
  • Provision of security policy and procedures
  • Provision of staff training

Help prevent burglaries/damage to premises and other security incidents from occurring

Prevention is always better than cure and this certainly is the case when it comes to security. It should always be the aim of any organisation, to prevent theft, damage or injury. By implementing the appropriate systems, standards, equipment, procedures and training, we try to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place, rather than trying to deal with the aftermath of an incident. Even though prevention obviously requires time and money to implement, this approach will always be the least expensive option for a company. Dealing with the aftermath of an incident will not only require implementing equipment, systems and procedures, which quite likely should have been there in the first place, but now there may be additional costs in dealing with the incident, such as loss of property, lost labour due to potential staff leave requirements, loss of revenue, increased insurance premiums and loss of reputation.

Make your business or organisation is more secure

Criminals will generally target the weakest premises in terms of security. So, your aim must be to have the most visible, professional security system in place. Whether it is a travelling criminal, looking for a quick win or a determined criminal, carrying out surveillance of your premises over a lengthy period of time, once you have visible deterrent’s in place, you become a less likely target. Deterrents should be visible by day and by night. The following is a list which no potential criminal wants to see when targeting premises, so it is important that we implement as much as possible of the following

  • Clear perimeter, free from any obstructing views ie. trees, overgrowth etc.
  • Perimeter – good quality fencing, gates, bollards etc.
  • Lighting- Ensuring that the building and perimeter is well lit at night in order to keep any potential criminal in view
  • Secure Building – including good quality reinforced doors, windows and locks
  • Visible electronic security, including alarm bell box and all associated equipment, Infrared CCTV cameras and good quality locking systems
  • Signage – to show that the premises are being monitored 24/7
  • Procedures and protocols – Make evident the security procedures and protocols that are in place, so that a potential criminal can see that the organisation is security aware and on top of their game
  • Staff training -Make evident the fact that staff have been fully trained in how to identify potential incidents and appropriately report this to have the matter quickly dealt with. Also, to make aware the fact that staff have been trained in how to react in the event of a security incident

Security Integration

One major element to assist in increasing the security environment in an organisation is Integration. Nowadays, there are phenomenal security products available, which you may not be aware of. It is the duty of the security consultant to make you aware of up to date technologies. Security systems nowadays should not be stand-alone. So, for example, your Intruder alarm, CCTV, Access Control system and locking systems as well as monitoring systems can work as one solid system. When you integrate these systems to work together, now you are providing your business with a much more robust and seamless security environment.

Safeguard your staff and clients

The safety and security of your staff and clients should be your number one priority. Buildings and equipment can be replaced, people cannot. Therefore the security procedures, systems and equipment implemented in an organisation should have the safety and security of people to the forefront of any implementation plan. Security policy, procedures and training will best equip all of your staff to identify potential threats and deal with them in a timely manner. Learn more about security consultants training will assist staff in knowing how to cope and react in the event of an incident.

Emergency evacuation plans

Today, evacuation drills must be provided for much more than the threat of fire. As we have seen over the last number of years, the risk at any place of work is now extended to terrorism, explosion, gun attack, unstable and dangerous individuals etc. No longer should drills be performed for fire evacuation only. Certain situations will require evacuation as well as evacuation drills. Evacuation drills are conducted where people are best kept safe within a building ie. basement, safe room etc. maybe because of an incident outside etc. Evacuation drills require people to leave the building because of a threat to the building itself. All current threats should be met by having appropriate training in place on how to, first of all, try to prevent a security incident from occurring but also how to react in the event of a security incident taking place. By having the appropriate training in place, will always ensure the best possible outcome for an event. Nowadays staff are aware of current threats and by being proactive and assisting staff with training, will show employees, that the employer has their best interests at heart.

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