Why Security is important in the workplace

Security is extremely important in the workplace. By implementing best practice security procedures, processes and products, you will help to ensure the security and safety of your premises, assets, and staff. Criminals will usually target the workplace that has the least amount of security products and processes in place. So by implementing security best practices, you are greatly minimising the risk of attack by a criminal on your business. Loss of company assets or staff absence from work due to criminality puts a great financial burden on a company and in extreme cases can put them out of business. So it is vital to protect your business with good quality security systems and processes.

The Importance of Intruder alarms:

Intruder alarms are of vital importance in any workplace security system. The intruder alarm is one of the first lines of defense for the premises. Even the visual aspect of having a clearly visible alarm box on the front of the building is the first deterrent to a potential criminal. The high pitch sound of an alarm activating will usually deter an attempted thief from spending further time on the premises. When it is connected to a remote monitoring centre, then this ensures a more rapid response to the incident. The intruder alarm coverage is segmented into different zones and when connected to a monitoring centre, it is possible for the monitoring centre to confirm which zone has been activated, which is of great assistance to the responding police or security service provider. Sometimes a severe storm can cause a false alarm activation. But when the monitoring centre has access to see the zone activation list, then when they see a second zone activated, they can then determine this a “verified alarm activation” which is of further assistance to the police and security service. Find out more about why security alarms are important for businesses!

Are Access Control Systems Essential for the Workplace?:

Access control is an essential element of securing premises. There is a trend nowadays towards replacing receptionists and porters with access control. This is a good cost saving exercise when good quality access control systems are utilised. But even when receptionists and porters are in place, it is difficult to monitor people going in and out of a building and this allows for the potential criminal to gain access to the building without being noticed and this can result in loss of company property. Access control can also be used to allocate access to particular areas of the premises by specific staff. So high-risk areas and confidential areas can be excluded to particular staff. It is also possible to time restrict certain areas of the building. So as you can see access control not only protects against unauthorised persons gaining access to the building but also provides different levels of access throughout the entire building. There are also access systems that provide further clever functionality such as fire evacuation Apps, automated access, self-check-in, alerts for persons not arriving as scheduled etc. One example of such an advanced fire evacuation system is Safe Place Live

Manned Guarding is Always a Good Option:

Manned guarding is always a good option in any security environment. The interaction of a professional security guard in dealing with actual or potential threats is always a good option. A well trained Guard can react quickly and professionally to deal with many different circumstances. The guard can use his professional expertise to deal with different scenarios in different ways. This means that the security response is flexible, according to the specific situation. A security guard is a further deterrent to potential thieves. When the security guard is connected to the security base or remote monitoring centre, this means that there is a full backup service to the Guard if needed. When a good security system is installed at the premises, the manned guard can manage the system to ensure it is working to its most effective capability and the guard can confirm and direct a response to any security system alerts. They can also double up as a customer service or receptionist person, to provide a professional appearance at the company premises.

Why Installing a CCTV System is Important :

Installing a CCTV system is of vital importance to an overall security system. CCTV is a visual deterrent to any potential thief. CCTV is one of the first lines of defence in any security system. CCTV provides valuable evidence for conviction. It is very important that any CCTV system installed is to a standard that provides good quality images both in daylight and at night time. CCTV can provide coverage of the site perimeter, as well as the perimeter of the building and can also provide coverage within the building is required. CCTV coverage as well as being a deterrent to potential thieves, can also provide coverage within the building to monitor staff activity. This can assist in preventing loss of property and stock due to staff theft and can also provide evidence in a case where a staff member claims against their employer due to a fall or hurting themselves in some way. When connected to a remote monitoring centre, this can further improve the effectiveness of the CCTV system. Advanced CCTV systems that are connected remotely can provide an audio warning to potential thieves, which is a further deterrent to any potential attack on the premises.

Having a Modern Fire Alarm is Essential:

A modern Fire Alarm system is essential in protecting both staff, assets and the premises itself. When the building is occupied, it provides advanced warning to staff to vacate the building. So the fire alarm system provides staff with vital time to vacate the building. The fire alarm system is zoned so that in the event of a fire alarm activation, the fire marshal can determine where the event started. When the fire alarm is connected to a remote monitoring centre, then a rapid response can be provided by the fire rescue services. When the premises is closed and secured and there is no staff on the premises, then it is important to have the fire alarm system connected to the remote monitoring centre, so that an appropriate response can be activated. Small fires can be prevented from spreading when there is a good response system in place with the fire alarm system. In some cases, it can actually save the building from being totally destroyed and therefore save the business itself.

Should I Hire a Security Company?:

It is always advisable to hire the services of a professional security company. Security is a professional service and should be carried out by trained professionals. A professional security company will begin by carrying out a risk assessment and report. The risk assessment report will indicate the current effectiveness of security at the organisation and will identify any  weaknesses. The report will further recommend what needs to be put in place to mitigate the risks identified. They will work with the client to determine how the security of the organisation can be implemented according to the organisations budget etc. The risk assessment report can provide the client with a roadmap on how to best implement the necessary security measures over a period of time. Some specialised security firms will provide a “one-stop solution” whereby they can both provide the detail of what is required but further implement these requirements, acting as project managers to ensure the best quality of service and product and also best available pricing. The professional company will also ensure that all elements of the security system are integrated to ensure one combined robust system. One such security company that provides all of these services is Capital Integrated Security Solutions (Capital ISS).

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