Physical Security Products
security screens & Security Doors
  • We provide bulletproof screens and Security counters
  • We install disability counters to cater for your needs.
  • Voice transfer units are available.
  • Bespoke solutions
  • We are able to provide any type of Security screens big or small depending on your requirement.
  • Innovative cash transfer units are provided which are fully integrated
  • Integrated secure doors with screens as standard
  • If you would like to discuss your security screens requirements, then get in contact with us today
  •  Our security screens and counters can be custom designed to suit your requirements
  • They ensure you workers and clients protection and safety in any workplace environment
  • Toughened glass comes as standard
  • Fully comply with European standards
  • Also, allow for adequate speech transfer while maintaining their safety
  • Can be integrated with intercom systems if needed
We supply a full range of security screens and counters. When it comes to these installations you need expert advice. If you install a screen with the intention of protecting staff behind the counter, then you must ensure that the standard and quality of the product and installation will actually give the protection required. Otherwise, staff will have a false sense of security.We supply and install screens and counters that provide protection against manual attack with hammers etc. and we also provide these with ballistic ratings to protect staff against attack with firearms. We can supply them in any size. We can provide drawings and costings for you. Our installers will ensure that the correct standard of installation is carried out as well as the correct standard of equipment.

Please contact our experts for advice and a no obligation quotation.

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