Physical Security Products
Security Smoke Systems
  • If you want to stop any form of attack progressing, the security smoke fog system is deployed which is very effective in the home or workplace. 
  • This smoke fog system is perfect for stores holding high-value products or cash and jewelry shops.
  • To deter criminals, warning signs on the security smoke system will appear and inform you in your home or workplace.
  • We can tailor and adapt a smoke fog system to suit your requirements and your budget needs.
  • The least amount of disruption will happen during the installation process, allowing the normal functions of your business to keep functioning and to better your business.
  • The thick smoke is very effective as any intruders will not be able to see inside your property or business properly and it is very effective at hiding valuables and disorientates potential burglars.
  • Confuses the vision of any intruders
  • There will be no harm to your home or business with the smoke fog system.
  • If you get a break in, the security smoke system will fill up the room to throw off the intruder, any of the smoke is harmless.
  •  It is guaranteed that our smoke system will leave no mess behind, so you can back to business with no bother.
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