Security Solution Service
security system integration
  • Service of all makes and models
  • Repair of all makes and models
  • Maintenance agreements available for on-going maintenance of existing or new equipment
  • Intergration of security equipment. An effective security system is one where CCTV, intruder alarm, access control, monitoring etc. works as one effective system. If you have Separate systems working separately with different service providers – contact us now to conduct an effective review of your security system
  • Need advice on the correct operation of your existing or new equipment, contact us now
  • Consultancy and advice on implementation of existing or new security systems
  • Monitoring of equipment – If your current security equipment is unmonitored, then the effectiveness of the system is greatly reduced. Contact us for advice on monitoring connection to existing or new security equipment
  • Is your security equipment monitored via land line. Are you concerned about telephone line connections being cut. Contact us for advice on GSM monitoring back-up systems
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