Physical Security Products

Secure Cash Drawers

  • Till units with integrated till drawer and drop safe
  • Key or electronic lock operation
  • Time delay integration
  • Please contact us to discuss your Till and drawer unit requirements
  • Effectively manage all cash going in and out with our automated systems
  • Add an automated cash handling system so workers do not have to handle any of the cash and increase productivity
  • Global suppliers of some of the best and most innovative brands on the market
  • Robust designs that are burglar resistant
  • Secure steel cash drawers which are compact and hold coins, notes and have a media slot for credit cards and cheques
  • Full maintenance, service and repairs are also available
  • Easy adjustable till unit inserts with fully lockable lids
  • We have a large range of till units and drawers.
  • We allow for the customer or staff to put in payment but the automated unit changes it to go straight to the customer.
  • All our till units and drawers are strong and made to last.
  • Give us a call today we are here to help.
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